My Favourite Copenhagen

I get a surprising amount of messages, tweets and emails from strangers asking me for tourist advice on Denmark. I happen to identify as not-a-tourist-guide, so what do I know. Copenhagen is wonderful and you'll have a great time regardless, but here are my favourite places, so you can stop asking.

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Best Place To Go To Hang Out: Assistens Cemetery

A wonderful cemetery slightly North of central Copenhagen. It's worth the 10 minute bus journey or 20 minute walk. So beautiful and calm. And yeah, it's a cemetery. 

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Best Restaurant: Restaurant Klubben

It looks shitty from the outside, but once you go in, it's deliciously authentic. The best Danish food out there.

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Other Best Restaurant: Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo is open till 1am, sometimes 5am and it sells amazing Danish food. Get a 'Rio Bravo gryde' which is basically ALL THE MEAT and ALL THE GRAVY. Oh god, it's so good. Also, it's slightly Western-themed.

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Best Thing To Do: Walk

Start out around Amagerbro (tube station) and walk north - through Christianshavn, where you stop by Christiania, pass Børsen, walk along the canals, cross Stormbroen, walk down Strøget, make sure you make a turn and see Magstræde (my favourite street) and City Hall, before you head towards Nørreport station. From which, you walk towards Vesterbro. Or Nørrebro. You can easily see and enjoy the entire city in a day or two. Everything is within walking distance.

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Best Bar: La Fontaine

La Fontaine, 'Fontænen', is my favourite bar in all of Copenhagen. It's tiny, intimate bar that sometimes has live jazz. It's quiet and perfect for a week-day late drink.