Sofie (Sits Down With a Cup Of Tea and) Writes A Letter

Sofie Writes A Letter is a fortnightly letter sent straight to your inbox every other Wednesday morning. It is honest, flawed, sociopolitical, funny, weird, intimate, attention-seeking, informative, anxious, opinionated, romantic, filthy and in compliance with the GDPR requirements. It is a funny (and a bit emotionally unstable) penpal you don’t have to write back. 

I will tell you stories about people I have slept with or embarrassed myself in front of, especially the celebrities, I will reach into my totebag of ‘unpopular opinions’ and explain why I stand by them, I will give you TOP TIPS from therapy, straight from my German trauma expert therapist. I will talk about introversion and anxiety. I will talk about sexuality and gender and pronouns and fatness. I will tell you about the time I made my best friend into my lover. I will talk about comedy, oh, I will talk about comedy alright. Each letter to you will have potential to make my agent call me and shout in despair, ‘You can’t say that to people!’

Oh, and the letters will, of course, also include tour dates, show announcements, discount codes, podcast news and everything else to do with my actual career. 


I give fortnightly advice in my newsletter. Ask me anything. Like an agony aunt, except I have no idea what I’m doing.