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For henvendelser vedrørende arbejde, presse og lignende i Danmark, kan der skrives til

Winner Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer 2015
Winner 2014 Chortle Awards Best Newcomer

Tackling taboo subjects with charm, razor-sharp timing and a hugely likeable personality, Danish comedian Sofie Hagen is revered in her home country and across the UK. A multi award-winning comedian, Sofie has taken out multiple Best Newcomer awards and has gone on to appear on TV and radio in both Denmark and England.

"... eyecatchingly odd and disarmingly honest..." - The Independent

AS SEEN and heard ON


★★★★★ “Hilarious… clever, touching and funny” THE MIRROR

★★★★★“A warm, confident show…Hagen is hilarious” THE SKINNY

★★★★1/2 “Hagen’s debut hour is fantastic… consistently funny, personal, and a slyly powerful show…this certainly is the show of a winner” CHORTLE

★★★★ “Compelling, beautifully constructed… Hagen is a lovable guide through a tale that digs deep, but with a very light touch” THE GUARDIAN

★★★★ “A charming show, if littered with unexpected filth” SUNDAY TIMES

★★★★ “There are few comedians who make a room as warm as Sofie Hagen does… the Danish comic has impeccable control of her craft“ THE TIMES

★★★★ “Hagen's beautifully polished show has plenty of big laughs and bizarre anecdotes” EVENING STANDARD

★★★★ “A dark story told lightly and honestly, and with plenty of wry wit… filthy and graphic, but somehow polite” TIME OUT

★★★★ “Incredibly funny” THE HERALD

★★★★ “A tightly wrapped, beautifully jewelled little investigation into female self-confidence and artistic awakening… a beautiful demonstration of varied joke-writing… comedy gold” FEST MAG

★★★★ “Bubblewrap marks a major breakthrough… Hagen has an instantly winning personality, a hugely entertaining Edinburgh show” BEYOND THE JOKE

★★★★ “It's easy to see why Bubblewrap won such plaudits at Edinburgh” LONDONIST

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